Data fetching from Oracle & Hive Simultaneously

Suppose I am having a table in Oracle and the same table is available in Hive too.
With the help of single query, Is there any way to fetch the data from both the tables simultaneously(i.e. one which is in Oracle and other is from Hive)?

Thanks in advance …

@mohitkumar I would like to ask, Are you using spark sql, hive query, or sqoop command because sqoop it is not a query and you have mentioned Apache Sqoop for Tag. Please give more detailed information regarding your question.

Hi Patel,

Irrespective of the tools, whether it is belonging to Sqoop / Hive query/ SparkSql, if you have any idea then guide us.

By the way Vishwas…
For your reference …

Sqoop ‘eval’ allows users to execute user-defined queries against respective database servers and preview the result in the console. Using eval, we can evaluate any type of SQL query that can be either DDL or DML statement.

For example

$ sqoop eval
–connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/db
–username patel \
–query “SELECT * FROM vishvaspatel LIMIT 10”

Let me know if you want more info.

Thanks a lot buddy for concerning this issue.