Database Essentials - Predefined Functions - Data Type Conversion

Let us understand how we can type-cast to change the data type of the extracted value to its original type.

Key Concept Explanation

In this section, we will cover various examples of data type conversion using SQL.

Example 1: Integer Type Casting

SELECT '09'::int

Example 2: Date Type Casting

SELECT current_date AS current_date

Example 3: Splitting Date and Type Casting

SELECT split_part('2020-09-30', '-', 2) AS month

Hands-On Tasks

Here are some hands-on tasks for you to practice data type conversion in SQL:

  1. Type cast the date ‘2020-09-30’ to its month component as an integer.
  2. Convert the date ‘2020-09-30’ to a month using the to_char function.


In this article, we explored the concept of data type conversion in SQL. It is essential to understand how type-casting works to manipulate data effectively. Practice the hands-on tasks to solidify your understanding and feel free to engage with the community for further learning.

Watch the video tutorial here