Database Essentials using Postgres - Creating Tables and Indexes - Truncating Tables

In this article, we will explore the concept of truncating tables in a database. Truncating tables is a quick and efficient way to remove all data from a table.

Explanation for the video

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Key Concepts Explanation

If you want to delete the data from a table entirely, then TRUNCATE is the fastest way to do so.

TRUNCATE TABLE table_name;

Truncate operations can be rolled back.


One cannot truncate the table with only DML permissions.

TRUNCATE TABLE table_name;

Hands-On Tasks

Here are some hands-on tasks for you to try out:

  1. Use TRUNCATE to remove all data from a table.
  2. Try using TRUNCATE with CASCADE to remove data from child tables as well.


In summary, truncating tables is a useful operation when you need to quickly delete all data from a table in a database. It is particularly helpful in scenarios like data engineering or ETL applications. Remember to practice these concepts and feel free to engage with the community for further learning.

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