Database Essentials using Postgres - Deleting Data in Postgres Database Table

Deleting Data

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Learn how to delete data from a table in a database using SQL commands with practical examples.

Explanation for the video
The provided video tutorial demonstrates the process of deleting data from a table in a database using SQL commands. It complements the text by providing visual guidance on executing the commands and understanding the outcomes in a step-by-step manner.

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DELETE Command Syntax

The DELETE FROM <table> WHERE <condition> command is used to delete specific rows from a table based on the specified condition. If the condition is not provided, all rows in the table will be deleted.

DELETE FROM users WHERE user_password IS NULL;

Caution on Deleting All Data

It is not recommended to use the DELETE command without a WHERE condition to delete all data from a table. In such cases, the TRUNCATE command should be used instead to ensure data integrity.

Hands-On Tasks

Try out the following hands-on tasks to practice deleting data from a table:

  1. Delete all records from the users table where the user_password is not set.
  2. Experiment with different WHERE conditions to understand the impact of the DELETE command on specific data subsets.


In this article, we covered the basic concept of deleting data from a table using the DELETE command in SQL. Remember to exercise caution when using this command, especially without a WHERE clause to prevent accidental deletion of all data. Practice executing DELETE commands with different conditions to enhance your SQL skills and ensure data management proficiency.

Watch the video tutorial here