Database Essentials - Writing Advanced SQL Queries - Advanced DML Operations

In this article, we will delve into some advanced Data Manipulation Language (DML) Operations beyond the basic concepts of writing queries. We will learn how to insert query results into a table using INSERT with SELECT, update existing data efficiently, and delete records based on specific conditions.

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Key Concepts Explanation

Inserting Query Results

We can leverage the INSERT statement with SELECT to insert query results into a table. Ensure that the columns specified for the table and projected in the SELECT clause match.

INSERT INTO target_table
SELECT column1, column2
FROM source_table

Updating Data

You can update the data in a table using query results. This is achieved by setting values based on subqueries.

UPDATE target_table t
SET column1 = value1

Hands-On Tasks

  1. Insert customer order metrics into the table.
  2. Update order revenue based on aggregated sum.
  3. Delete dormant customers from the backup table.


In conclusion, we explored advanced DML Operations that allow us to efficiently insert, update, and delete records in a database. It’s essential to understand these concepts for effective data processing and management.

Advanced DML Operations

As data processing requirements grow, mastering advanced DML Operations becomes crucial for optimizing query performance and maintaining data integrity. Keep practicing these operations to enhance your SQL skills!

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