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Introduction Let us see the details of Spark SQL Follows ansi sql Run in multiple contexts Spark native Hive QL When SQL is used in earlier versions the data is returned as RDD In latest versions data is returned as DataFrames We can either use DataFrame operations or convert into RDD and perform all valid…

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Hello Durga,

First of all, I would like to thank you so much and appreciate all your efforts to sharing the knowledge.
My request is - if possible, could you please share data sets (retail_db csv files) for the above examples so that we will load them and practice. If you already shared, never mind, please let me know where you shared? Thank you so much once again.


Kindly see below link


Hello N_Chakote,

Thank you for sharing this link!

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when i run sql query with hivecontext (which comes bydefault in cloudera VM), it works fine
but when I do same with spark context, it throws error saying that table doesnt exist, anybody experienced this?

same error i also got plz reply what to do

You need to copy the hive-site.xml to conf spark folder. Execute the following command in your cloudera distribution cp /usr/lib/hive/conf/hive-site.xml /usr/lib/spark/conf/

I hope this coulp help you guys.