Did anyone clear CCA-175 with Python stream?

Did anyone clear CCA-175 with Python stream? I need some help on few topics.

I cleared HDP Spark with Python

Hi Rahul, Will get in touch with you incase I need any help. Do you know anyone who cleared CCA-175 with Python alone.

No i don’t know any one

Do you mean to ask: if it is possible to clear CCA175 without using scala?

I have cleared the exam in python.

@prady : Thanks a lot, I am preparing for CCA-175 with Python and I was really uncertain if I can clear this exam with Python alone. Most of the successful candidate chose scala not python. You brought back confidence…I am not on wrong path. Kindly share your linkedin profile/mail ID, I may need your guidance.

Does tab completion (similar to spark-shell) available in the CCA175 exam with PySpark ? I Otherwise I think, it is very difficult to remember all the functions/methods etc. Iam planning to give exam using Python.Please let me know.

i passed with only using python

Hello, How valuable is CCA certification as on date? Do candidates with CCA get preference?
Have you got an offer with CCA python ? Can anyone please reply. thanks.

ThePurplePython, can you please share your experience and tips for python?

Does the question in the certification exam provides the table structure (especially, column names)?
I am planning to appear this week so any help is appreciated. Thanks.