Directory structure per class does not exist


As per the course by Durga , Section 31

hadoop fs -copyFromLocal /data/crime /user/ulaxmi19/.

I checked the directory structure and i could not see **/user/ulaxmi19 directory. Is it suppose to be there ?

Please let me know why i am unable to access this structure ?

Hi @Lakshmi19,

/data/crime is the directory structure of Durga’s local path.

while trying to copyFromLocal cmd you have to use your local directory location which is- /home/your_username/.../. make sure desire data is present under your local path.

stiil facing any issue please tell us.

hello @Shubham_Maurya1 Shubham,

Thank you for your response.

I was checking the directory on server.

My home directory is /home/ulaxmi19

and Durga’s video suggest /user/ulaxmi19 , here /user/ulaxmi19 was not accessible to me

The query was about this directory structure “/user/ulaxmi19”

Thank you

Hi @Lakshmi19,

the directory is accessible to your lab user, please try again.

Hi Revanth - Yes now i am able to . Thank you.

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