E090 HDFS020 Could not write file

I’ve just created an account and started Ambari. I’m unable to execute any query in Hive (under Ambari) and getting below exception

E090 HDFS020 Could not write file /user/batramanish/hive/jobs/hive-job-660-2016-11-23_09-21/query.hql [HdfsApiException]

tried running “create database”, “create table”, and select as well and all failed.

Problem2: While logging to mysql through command prompt, throws.
Access denied for user ‘retail_db’@‘gw01.itversity.com’ (using password: YES)


The solution to the problem was that the user running “ambari-server” was not allowed to act upon behalf of the current user logged into ambari. In Hadoop terms, the ambari daemon user was not allowed to impersonate the ambari user.

nTo fix this, the HDFS config had to be modified to add access for my ambari-server user to impersonate everybody. For detailed howto, see this page: