Enquiry on labs

I recently started learning hadoop and big data concepts. I am planning on subscribing to the big data labs.

I do not have a VM setup and don’t have Linux based OS.
My hardware configurations are too small.
So if I sign up for big data labs here,
I’d be able to work with pig, hive, scoop and other tools,
and prepare for hdp developer…
Without having putty or terminal or anything on my machine… Just through the Internet by signing up for the bigdatalabs over here!


@RNG7 -

  1. You just need an internet connection to get started after sign-up the lab
  2. You almost have everything e.g MySql, Sqoop, hive, pyspark, spark-shell…to get started to learn as well as prepare for certifications.

Watch the video present in below link to get overall idea and how to access these in lab.

@itversity - Do we have pig in lab ?

Thanks a lot for the reply! Yes, I actually wanted to know more about the labs. I am preparing for a hadoop developer role and I want to get hands on experience with HBase, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, etc.

Can @itversity make a video of all the utilities available in the lab? Or could someone explain in detail?

@RNG7 - Did you get a chance to gone through below, this will give you high level overview.

Can we access labs thru iPad?