Error importing data from MySQL to HDFS

Hi guys I’m using sqoop to import the data from MySQL to HDFS with the option import-all-tables as below:

sqoop import-all-tables --connect jdbc:mysql://master/poc --username root --target-dir /user/hdfs/mysql --mysql-delimiters -m 1

My problem is that i got an error messages regarding the parameter --target-dir is wrong but i have checked the documentation and it’s correct , when i run the same but pointing in a local path using --warehouse-dir that works. could someone tellme where I’m wrong? thanks error attached

I think you haven’t mention below one correctly

@Rahul thanks buddy for your answer :slight_smile: actually this is my own POC machine so this is why I’m using another database and all these stuff. well according with my research the import-all-tables doesnt support the --target-dir so, I will need always to use the --warehouse-dir

yes target dir is not for importing all tables you can import single tables for that