Error when trying to execute hive command

[cloudera@quickstart ~]$ hive
17/02/15 16:27:42 WARN mapreduce.TableMapReduceUtil: The hbase-prefix-tree module jar containing PrefixTreeCodec is not present. Continuing without it.

Logging initialized using configuration in jar:file:/usr/lib/hive/lib/hive-common-1.1.0-cdh5.8.0.jar!/
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.HiveException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.SessionHiveMetaStoreClient

Did you check the status if Hive service

How to check? I am new to hadoop environment so I did not know.

I do see that you are using Cloudera Quickstart VM. Please try to use Hue if Hue is not available then please go to Cloudera Manager and check the status of HDFS and Hive… If required please restart it.