Error while executing Hive Query in Lab

Hi Vis,

I am getting this error in labs while executing the following hive query in ambari, can you help me on this?

E090 HDFS020 Could not write file /user/sivakarunanithi/hive/jobs/hive-job-691-2016-11-24_09-45/query.hql [HdfsApiException]


What is the query you are running?

create external table orders_test
(order_id int,
order_date string,
order_customer_id int,
order_status string)
row format delimited fields terminated by ','
location ‘user/sivakarunanithi/myWork/data/retail_db/orders’;

Location is incorrect. It should have /user/sivakarunanithi/myWork/data/retail_db/orders

No luck sir same issue, i think it is related to access issue.

Try now. It is fixed now.

Yeap, its working now, thanks