Error while saving as textfile in pyspark

When I ran below code in pyspark it working fine and giving result, but while saving as textfile giving error as below. Pls suggest.

football = sc.textFile("/user/nikkhiel123/footballtab")
ootBallAL = football.filter(lambda rec: (rec.split("\t")[2] == “AL”))
footballMap1 = rec: (float(rec.split("\t")[4]), rec))
topPlayers = footballMap1.sortByKey(False).map(lambda rec: rec[1]).take(5)
for i in topPlayers: print(i)


2009 NYA AL rodrial01 3.3E7
2010 NYA AL rodrial01 3.3E7
2008 NYA AL rodrial01 2.8E7
2005 NYA AL rodrial01 2.6E7
2010 NYA AL sabatcc01 2.42857E7

error after below save command


Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
AttributeError: ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘saveAsTextFile’

It is not an RDD, it is a list object. Only RDD’s can be saved as textfiles.

Thank you for reply. Can you pls suggest how should I modify this to save as textfile.

I got the solution after converting list to RDD. Thanks you for help.