Exam Documents Required

Hi everyone,

I have my exam scheduled next week and i have no experience is giving certification exam.
I have few questions.
How should i gave the documents (Pan card or Adharr) at the time of exam . Should i have a scanned copy of document or it should be shown with the help of web cam?
Do we have REPL for python and scala during exam so that we can list the function by pressing tab ?
Any other tip are most welcome


You have to show the original ID proof through webcam at the time of exam, no need of scanned copy.
You will get access to a VM during the exam, similar to cloudera quickstart VM. You can launch REPL on the VM.

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Thank you @pratyush04 for the details

do you mean Spark-shell or REPL?

During CCA175 exam, we will get cluster or VM for doing activities ?

Spark-shell is in fact a Scala REPL, matter of the fact is you will get a VM environment, you can launch terminal and start spark-shell, if required. When I took the exam, I did not launch spark-shell or pyspark, because there were code templates (.sh files) provided and you need to fill in the code in the template at required places and then run the template(.sh file).