Exam environment for CCA 175

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Hallo all,
Can you pls give information about below regarding certification,

  1. While using big data labs i am getting little lag while typing commands, do we get such lag during the CCA-175 exam. Any one had such experience.
  2. Any idea what is size of cluster during exam.


it purely depends upon your Network bandwidth but I would highly recommend you to keep save your data. During the exam the Cloudera Exam vm did not work (i.e frozen ) and then instructor reconnected with me after couple of minutes. But I was able to resume my exam/tasks from the point it was disconnected.

And No idea about the Exam cluster (As long as its up and running I am fine with that…)


Thanks for suggestion and your input.

yes you can expect a lag in your exam too,
so dont scroll too fast as you do in your normal system as it will be difficult for you to get your cursor at the desired point(even while browsing through the questions and normal instructions ).
i had a 40 mbps speed , still had this issue .

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Thanks @Avinash_Parida.
I was getting lag with about 15-20mbps. So need to get use to the this as it sometimes gets very tedious while correcting syntax.

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yes , dont type too fast or delete(backspace) too fast , or else you might delete more number of characters than intended.

@N_Chakote exactly even i am facing same issue. What i did to solve this problem is written each and every piece of code in text editor and pasted in terminal, if any errors then corrected in text editor and pasted to execute again. In text editor it is easy to correct code and move cursor positions.


Thank you Ravi for your input.

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