Facing Issues while Submitting Sqoop Job

Hello Durga Sir & Team ,

While running the attached sqoop command I found this bug . Its not going to the console. its stopping here. to move out of this I was killing the current console by typing Ctrl+C.

Can you please share the reason behind this ?

Regards ,

Accumulo is just a warning. I just noticed you used = operator plz execute the command without = and try please?

You need to go to resource manager UI and check the load of the cluster. If there are other jobs running, then your job has to wait until they are completed.

Here is the link for resource manager UI - http://nn01.itversity.com:8088/

Exactly !

If you will see in attached screenshot, there is no ERROR tag in it.
It means, it was running smoothly, Since there are other jobs running on it, that’s it why your job was not moving ahead and in between that u have kill (ctrl+c) that job.

Run it one more time. Hope it will run smoothly.

operator values can be separated by space or =. It is not an issue.

Oh okay sir, thank you!!

Now its working fine. I was being Panic :frowning: Next time I will make sure of that. Thanks Mohit , Santosh , Durga Sir & Team.

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