Few Practice Questions for CCA175

I found this link while searching for some practice questions.
It looks to be useful to grow the confidence.

Nitesh Chainani

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Thanks for sharing this @nitesh

My pleasure to help everyone here…:slight_smile:

Thanks Nitesh for Sharing. if possible is there any site from where V can get questions for Spark. Can U share link for VM ware for practice.

I think this should work…

Thanks Nitesh for sharing the details. will try same, if any issue will share with U. for Scala U said intelli J (Not Sure about name). Do we need to download same to our Desktop & Practice, if yes then please tell from where I can down load. Sorry to bother U much.


No issues.But,you should try google before asking because it answers lot more faster than us :slight_smile:

Thx @nitesh for the blog info!! Appreciate it.