Few words about CCA 175 Exam and status pass

Hello All, I have cleared the exam on Jan 24th. And I would like to thank @itversity for the wonderful materials (youtube and itversity.com), please keep up the good work and make IT resourceful :slight_smile:

I would say please do enough hands on and ensure you are confident to crack the exam.

Useful tip and be smart:Before submit your answer please verify and validate. Even you can use supporting documents in terms of syntax so please make sure how quickly navigate because those are having examples also.

And also I would like to share my bitbucket page- CCA175 which I have used for my preparation. I will be adding few more as well.

@itversity Thanks once again. And I am really enjoying discuss.itversity.com posts and always interested to reply back as much as I can because I feel this is one of the way to keep learning new things and keep me active to think about how to solve.

I am not sure whether as a non-member I can able to reply back since my bigdata labs subscription ends soon.

But I would really appreciate if you could make extended access (discuss.itversity.com) to public incase of any.



Congrats Gokul, @email2dgk.

discuss.itversity.com, has already have a public access, you can keep in touch with us.

Thanks for sharing your plan and preparation work.


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Labs is different and discuss.itversity.com is different. You are always welcome to respond to questions in discuss.itversity.com

Top contributor to the forum will get 3 month lab access free of cost.



Congrats on clearing CCA-175.

Thank you very much for sharing your preparation strategy and your bitbucket page is really Amazing:slight_smile:

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Congrates GoKul and thanks for sharing your experience

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