Flume - can not find the required directory

I am trying to follow the itversity.com videos to practice on the bigdata-labs.com. In the video, it is explained to use the flume;

cd /opt/examples/

but, on the bigdata-labs.com, examples are not there. Can anyone help me to find the flume.conf and complete this example.


You can also get it from flume documentation.


Hi Durga,

I have moved one step ahead now, able to start flume and also connected from telenet…

For creating hdfs file, i am facing this problem.

Can you please help me to figure this out?

Kindly check your hdfs path. Give namenode ip and also you are giving /home/… It should be/user/…

Can you paste the content of configuration file?

I am using bigdata-labs.com

my directory: /home/ranakhan

Note: in the first step, simply running flume web server and writing from telnet, it is working. But when I tried to add the parameters for hdfs, it is giving me this error.

I might be missing some configuration or using something wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rana,

How did you manage to get flume. I am new to big data labs and dont see examples under /opt folder.

your help is much appreciated.