Flume Configuration

You have give read acces for flume.conf file.
Let me know how can I edit it.
Please find the attached screenshot for the same.

Thanks in Advance …

You are not supposed to edit. Have a copy in your home directory and run it from there.
Let us know, if you run into any issue.

From where I will get the flume folder ?

I hope that folder should have bin as well as conf folder inside the flume folder.

And during CCA175 exam, how will I come to know, where flume folder is located ?

I have copied the folder.

Now it is not allowing me to edit the conf file at all.
Let me know, till here it is correct or not…
And what to do next now.

Thank you Mohit for raising the issue we will take care of it soon. Ideally files should be copied with your id as owner.

  1. During the CCA175 environment? how will I come to know, where the flume folder is kept ?

  2. How will I come to know, which channel I have to use in which scenario ?

  3. How will I come to know about the path for JAVA_HOME in CCA175 environment ?

  4. I think Cloudera have all together the different path as compared to Hortonworks ?

@mohitkumar, everything will be clearly specified in the examination. I have not got any flume questions, but with my experience in the exam, every question has an input, question details and output specified accordingly.

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They will not test your guessing skills :slight_smile:

Hi, can you specify the path for .conf file of flume.