From where to start Hadoop Admin Course?


First of all thanks for creating the hadoop training channel on youtube. I gone through the channel , confused from where to start. Can you please guide me ?


Hi @Ritesh_Yeole,

If you want to be Hadoop Admin, then prefer Hortonworks or cloudera Admin certification course in itversity. Certifications helps to kickstart the subject and gain confidence. After certification, prefer for expertise with in-depth knowledge.

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Can you elaborate about your back ground?

Hands on experience is very important to learn Hadoop Administration. It require at least 16 GB laptop with i7 Quad Core.

If you can confirm above details, I will provide you the direction.


I have 6 years of Linux Administrator experience and have 8 GB with i5 laptop with virtual technology supported. Will increase memory to 16 GB. no issue.


To practice Hadoop admin you need to setup 4 node cluster i5 laptop. It might or might not work with 16 GB and we will not be able to help.

Do you have any idea which distribution you want to set up?

I am sure from which version I will start. Could you please guide me ?

Ok, it seems you are not sure.

You can either choose or cloudera distribution and start working on setting up the cluster. Here are the playlists

Hortonworks on AWS -
Hortonworks on VMs -
Cloudera on AWS -
Cloudera on VMs -

You need to build the multi node cluster to understand overall Hadoop admin responsibilities. Then you can prepare for the certification.

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@viswanath.raju sir very good morning. I want to learn hadoop administration from scratch. I find your page very helpful. instead of buying a new i7 16 gb ram laptop can we use your big data labs. What will be best option as lab is available 24*7 and after dec 31st we need to pay some amount for 6 months labs subscription.I am working as devops engineer baisaclly on linux shell script netezza and oracle. Mainly in production support environment. How much it will take to learn hadoop admin part and become a good hadoop certified or hartron certified administrator.

Please suggest

Lab is primarily for development not for administration. We are working on admin lab, but it will be much expensive. We are thinking in the range of 500$ per month, which will include 6 month access as super user to Big Data lab.

yes $500 per month is too expensive. Is it possible for you guys to bring it down so that everyone can afford it without thinking. as its per month and for developer lab we just need to pay$55 for 6 months and here its per month basis.

Sir also please suggest one more thing shall i start with your admin ppt and scripts which you kept on github and then using ur video tutorials for admin.

Cloudera on AWS -
Cloudera on VMs -

I mean i need to get a point from where i should start my destiny towards admin side of hadoop.
Thanks a lot for all the valuable information you provided.

You need to understand the difference between development and administration. For development, I do not have to give dedicated server to the individuals but for administration I need to. We cannot provide admin lab at the same price as developer.

Some of the best Hadoop Admin tutorials and books,

Hi I recommended Online Education Platform.

If you’re looking to learn Hadoop Admin completely and gain live knowledge, instructor-led live training is the best method to master. You’ll get real-time work experience and answer all of your questions quickly. I would recommend Edureka online platform to be one of the top learning platforms for Hadoop management training. Edureka offers a variety of professional courses with excellent real-time projects and experienced instructors.