Getting error while installing sbt on windows

Can you please help to install sbt and integrate with scala
am getting sbt: command not found in windows 7

Actually what am doing is…? i have downloaded the sbt-0.13.13.tgz and trying to install using cygwin am getting the error as: sbt: command not found
I have already added the path in the .profile file


Try installing MSI installer from the location :

As mentioned here

Hi Pratyush,
Thanks for responding, i could able to install using using cygwin and i could able to the validate it

but to integrate sbt with scala we have to go to .sbt directory right… but i could not find that

i tried alot to fix it, but couldn’t fix it


.sbt folder available in

C:\Users\your_username \ .sbt

thanks Selvag, i could able find it

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