Guidance on Certifications

Hi All ,

I’d like to take up the Certifications and I have read @pramodvspk answers and many other answers . I feel this is very good opportunity to ask any question in this platform. Thanks to @viswanath.raju sir

So I have good knowledge on How Hadoop works and flow of Hadoop with 2 months of training in a Local center .

Now , I would like to take up CCA 175 Certifications very seriously since it is mandate to excel in the particular field . So I’m ready to give my complete effort to make it happen .

Question 1 : Is Python , Spark is necessary to clear the certification ?
Question 2 : If so, Is Itversity playlist is enough to clear the certification if I don’t have any knowledge on Python , Spark.

yes python and scala are necessary as you will be getting 4 questions from spark.
previously they used to give templates with just syntaxes to fill, but now i have seen that they can either give you code template or you have to write entire thing from scratch,
so spark knowledge is necessary and itversity tutorials helps you understand the concepts required for the certification verywell.

@Avinash_Parida Thanks for the instant reply . Is Itversity playlist enough to clear the certifications or Do i need to learn Python separately and Spark separately to clear it up .

Might be useful for someone : @Avinash_Parida answer related to the question here : CCA 175: cleared

the playlist will give you enough knowledge in spark , but yes practice is the key .
if you understand the concepts and practice well then its easy and you dont require any other separate spark tutorials.

Okk , Thanks , What about python ,I’m learning python from the scratch . Is that needed or Playlist is enough ?