Hadoop Certification - CCA - Setup Spark 1.2.1 on Quickstart VM

Hi sir, Thank you for the awesome videos. I have been following you for the setup spark. But in the new version of spark 2.1 there is no Lib folder and also please let me know whether i have to do any changes in the new cloudera quickstart VM.

This is no more relevant as syllabus is changed. Also I will recommend you to go through this playlist for now for the preparation of the course.

Hi Sir, I am trying to build a scala environment in my windows. In following you video in the the below link , explanation is given for creating a soft link and vi editor is only available for MAC.

It would be really great if you can let me know how to setup a scala environment in my windows or i have the cloudera quickstart VM but don’t have eclipse and spring on that. I am so much confused on how to proceed for the certification of spark and hadoop developer. Please help.


I will recommend you to set up Scala with IntelliJ. It is almost same for Mac and Windows


If you want to continue with eclipse on Windows, install scala using msi. You do not need to worry with environment variables or soft links.