Has any one tried CCA175 before March 30th 2017

I wanted to open this thread to see and verify if the syllabus in exam changes on day to day basis untill March 30th 2017. We all know that from April 1st exam would be on new syallbus. This would help people in understanding what is the current exam pattern as before March 30th. Would request all the people who have appeared before March 30th to update this post with syllabus changes in exam. This would everyone who has their exam scheduled between 15th and 31st of March 2017. Thanks.

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I do not think it was clearly written anywhere that from 1st April the new syllabus would be in effect. Cloudera mentioned in a post that later it would be changed.
I am appearing in the exam on 9th April, after procrastinating about it for almost 1 year.

So, are you preparing with new syallbus or old ?

Anyone tried CCA175 today ?

as of now with the old one. Somehow I am still under this impression that not much has changed. I am on RDDs right now with Python.

Has anyone tried CCA175 this week, or yesterday?

I took exam on sunday scored (10/10) old syllabus.


Thanks Ram. Many congrats. Has any one tried CCA175 today ?

Has anyone tried CCA175 yesterday ?

Has anyone tried CCA175 this week ? Starting from Monday.

Has anyone tried CCA175 this week ? Starting from Monday