HDFS Architecture

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Introduction HDFS – Hadoop distributed file system is foundation for Hadoop. It is logical file system. As part of this lesson we will understand all the necessary details of HDFS. Here is the video which will talk about introduction of HDFS. Virtual Machines – CDH5 – Setup HDFS Here is the video which explains how…

As While enabling HDFS service. How to setup Name Nodes and Data Nodes? I mean I Layout is not same as appearing, how ITVersity* is appearing in node space text? Here is example what to enter in text fields?

Reference HDFS Setup

Sir We will be working on Single Node Cluster on Clouder VM?

Here is popup that i got when run VM…

Every thing is pre packaged in quickstart VM. You do not need to touch any of the services

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So this is single node basically?

Yes, that is correct.

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thanks Durga Sir. Got it.

largedeck file but as it was overview of HDFS so i think you provide may later?

Which file are you talking about?