HDFS default path?

will the hadoop default path be provided in certification?
how to find the default path , without going into the hdfs configuration files?
is there any syntax to find hdfs path?

Hi @Avinash_Parida,

You mean to say absolute path? I don’t think so there will be any commands to reveal absolute path. Only way is to browse from configuration files.
May i know where exactly it is required in certification?

Hello Ravi,
suppose i want to save an output in hdfs in a folder say HADOOP or if i am doing a sqoopimport.
i understand only giving HADOOP as target-dir will save it in absolutepath/HADOOP.
but i mean i am not sure, in case i might need it so i was wondering if i will require it then where to find it instead of going to all those configuration files.
thank you

For sqoop-import all you need is relative path i.e. “HADOOP”. Absolute path is not at all required. It kills the time so even cloudera is also not expecting it.

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thanks for clearing this.

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