HDFS is not configured for my lab - Disappointing

Hello HDFS is not configured for my machine. my email ID is aravindkumarsank@gmail.com get back to me asap

@Aravind_Kumar_Sankar Can you elaborate on your query? Also please share the screenshot of your issue.

im trying to read a parquet file in the below path, the path seems to be correct. but its not part of HDFS

I would highly recommend to look at your typos before highlighting your concerns. You have == in your code. It will be tough for us to troubleshoot if you have typos in the code. Please double check the code before raising the concern.

Also, we have support staff who can assist you. Feel free to join our Slack channel as well.

bash: spark2-sql: command not found.

can you help with spark sql its not working in CLI

Try now. It should be fine. If the issue is not fixed, create a separate topic as the purpose of this thread is different.