HDPCD Practice Exam - Hadoop Services not running in AWS instance

I’m planning to take HDPCD certification shortly. I wanted to take the practice exam before I take the certification. I created an AWS account and launched the instance using VNC viewer as explained in the HDPCD Practice Exam guide.
When I launched the ambari, I found all the Hadoop services were stopped. I tried to start all the services using the command ~/start-all-services.sh and also using ambari dashboard. But the services are not getting started.
I’m not sure how to proceed further. Please advise how to solve this problem and take the practice exam.

Probably, you might have to re-setup. I will recommend to download the data sets and setup the environment in bigdata-labs.com

Hi Thanks you for the suggestion. I downloaded the dataset from AWS and practiced in my local machine.

Ok, that is great. Do you have the questions and data sets with you?

@msivakumars - How did you download the dataset and questions from AWS ? Can you pls let me know. I am also not able to bring hadoop services on AWS EC2 instance