How can access retail_db db in lab?

Want to run few sql on retail_db db , so how can access retail_db db in lab ?

mysql -h -u username -p password

enter above command in terminal and access MySQL.
Coming to lab host details, i am not aware, please request from lab subscribers.

if you are talking about the itversity lab then this is syntax
mysql -u retail_dba -h -p

password is itversity.

you can use the same connection parameters in sqoop as well.

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Thanks :slight_smile: , Now it’s working , earlier also used same credential , don’t know why it was not working .

Does retail_dba have have insert or create table privileges in MySQL retail_db database ?
I am getting below error for export :
Error: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: INSERT command denied to user ‘retail_dba’@‘’ for table ‘departments’ at

Don’t think we have write(insert, update) privileges for retail_db .

no, you only have read access .