How do I ask a good question?

Better to ask a question than to remain ignorant --proverb

Search, search and Research

Before you ask a question, search the community whether there are any posts related to your question or problem that have been already answered. If you find one then you are lucky, you don’t need to wait for the answer and you can resume your work right away!

Write a title that summerizes your question

Questions with good and appropriate title will reach to the potential answerers and there are very good chances that your question can be answered quickly. If your title isn’t interesting then they won’t read your full question. So make it Count.

Construct your question in a good manner by making use of formatting

You will benefit a lot when you organize your question correctly. Top tips to organize your question:

  • Provide the problem statement
  • Apply formatting whenever possible like emphasising keywords by making them bold and quoting text
  • If it is a programming question, then provide the sample input data and expected output along with the code you have tried.
  • If it is a programming error/exception, then provide full stack trace.

Make sure your question falls under the right category and tagged with relevant tags

This plays key role in reaching your question to correct audience. Some of the benefits of doing this:

  • At the end of the day, all of your community questions will be well orgnized
  • Your community looks more cleaner and please note that you won’t incur any swatch bharath cess here :stuck_out_tongue:
  • You can easily find out all the questions belongs to particular category or tag at one place.

You may get the doubt that why do we need the tags when we already have the categories? Yes, your question is 100% valid! But there is a purpose for each and in general categories allows you to categorize topics in broad way whereas tags are more flexible and allows you to create specific tags for specific problems. Combination of both gives you the real fun.

You are the owner of your question so your post. Maintain it!

When you ask the question, don’t just leave it at that. Instead respond to all your replies and if you miss something in your question then edit the question and provide that extra information! Be sure to close the question when you find the solution. Its a humble request!

Last but certainly not the least! Don’t just attach the screenshot!!

The main problem with screenshots in forums is the content of screenshot can not be searchable. When you want to showcase your problem, please paste the content of your screenshot in the question then attach the screenshot.

Happy Learning!!:slight_smile:

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