How HBASE Replication works in hadoop?

As we know that Hbase also using the HDFS to store the data.My confusion is that there is configuration parameter in hbase-site.xml for replication factor however hdfs is also using the replication factor.
so which replication will apply during the hbase data storing or it will apply both replication 3*3 ?

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Both are same. It will have only 3 copies if both are set to 3. But if hbase-site.xml have different value then it will override default HDFS replication for HBase files.

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Can we control the number of column family per region server? if yes then how? is there any configurable parameter or is there any other way to control the same.

Hi Team,
How to take snapshot of hbase table in some specific directory in same server.
like we are running the command snapshot tablename snapshotname.
But i want to store the snapshot in some path of same server. i have tried with distcp and export utility but it was giving error.
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How to take incremental backup in hbase and hive. kindly give the full steps

I am not sure. There is no concept of incremental backup for Hive. HBase generate WAL, probably you can consider taking backup of those. However I am not 100% sure about it.