How to access MySQL in Big data labs?

To access MySQL in big data labs use the below commands

To use retail database

mysql -u retail_user -h -p

To use hr database

mysql -u hr_user -h -p

To use h1b database

mysql -u h1b_user -h -p

To use nyse database

mysql -u nyse_user -h -p

If you are facing any issue or for more Information on this please go through below video:

Common issues we encounter on our state of the art Big Data Cluster with Hadoop, Spark and many others -

This is to simplify our support process so that we can answer technical issues as well.

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I follow below steps to access MySQL DB from Itversity big data lab.

[rrajkumar9999@gw03 ~]$ mysql -u retail_dba -h -p

@rrajkumar9999, mysql on will be decommissioned soon.