How to copy file from local desktop to hive


I have download hive table data file from git hub to desktop, but now i am facing issue in upload the same file from my local desktop to bigdata labs, as here i cant copy as the file is in different server then as of labs. Please guid me how can i load file in biddata labs from local desktop.


You have to use scp or winscp to copy files.

You can also try using File Browser in Ambari, then navigate to /apps/hive/warehouse, then to your database and table directory and try uploading files over there.

Screenshot to go to file browser

Once you click on Files View, you will be in root “/” directory.
From there you have to navigate to your hive table directory.

you can allso use wget command to directly download the data from Durga SIr github account to big-data labs.

run the below command once you login to lab.

and unzip using the unzip command.