How to get SQL connection string from gateway name node for sqoop

Hi all,

       Yesterday i have attend CCA 175. All are simple questions if we follow itversity videos its more than enough. But Unfortunately i am not cleared because I spent time more time on sqoop. They asked sqoop import and export but mysql connection string is not mentioned they gave database name and username, password. For sql connection they mentioned gateway namenode. 

    Anybody tell me how to get the sql connection string from gateway namenode

@ramkumar You could have tried to execute sqoop list-databases by using the given gateway name itself.


    I tried with gateway name but it was not working. Normally, in cloudera we areusing quickstart/cloudera:8030 but while exam its not working.

In Cloudera quickstart VM, the mysql Connection string jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306 or jdbc:mysql://${hostname}:3306.

it is going to use jdbc connection protocol and mysql as subprotocol, and “gateway” is node which means it would be
jdbc:mysql://gateway/[database name]
In place of our practice - jdbc:mysql://quickstart.cloudera:3306/retail_db

Run from gateway node hostname -f. It will give hostname which can be used in connection string.