How to start with Hadoop with ITversity

Hello All,

I am a mainframe professional trying to get into Big Data using Durga Sir’s ITVersity Youtube channel. I have gone through Introduction to Big Data Playlist of ITVersity and then I jumped to CCA-175 certification playlist as I want to complete the certification. But I want to know if this is right way to learn hadoop. Certification playlist is simple to understand but as this playlist is targeted for certification only, I am afraid that I may not get indepth knowledge of Hadoop.

Should I go through other playlist which will explain Pig, Hive, MapR, Sqoop, Impala and Spark? Please suggest me some playlist or please let me know if I should complete certification playlist first.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You can prepare for Big Data Engineer immersion course in (along with CCA).

CCA cover in detail and I am planning to conduct regular live sessions to get you more exposure.