How to submit a hive job

How to find out the duplicate job in hive. suppose if we submitted the same job twice then how we can find out and how to kill that duplicate job.
How to submit the hive job using hive shell.

There is no straight forward way to determine if the same query fired twice.
You have to take care as part of the application logic.

Hive provide you querying interface, rest of the stuff need to be done using some sort of programming language or scripting language.

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Dear Sir,
Like hadoop whenever we are submitting a job its always giving a job ID and we can track the job using yarn appplication or job history server or we can use the command mapred job -list.
So my confusion is when we submitting a query in hive it’s also executing a with job ID? if yes then can we identify with mapred job -list or with yarn history server?

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When hive run, it will give job ids.

You can get the details of those jobs using ids like any map reduce jobs.