How to write a function which returns a function

I am practising to code a function which returns a function.
There is an error as shown in screenshot.
Please let me know what is the problem.

@prasanthiImmadisetty please find below code. The mistake is usage of ‘else if’ statements. I don’t think scala supports else if statements.

val a = {

  def chooseFunction(a:Int): (Int)=>Int = {

    val i: (Int) => Int = (i: Int) => i
    val s: (Int) => Int = (i: Int) => math.pow(i, 2).toInt
    val c: (Int) => Int = (i: Int) => math.pow(i, 3).toInt

    a match {
      case 1 => i
      case 2 => s
      case 3 => c

    def sum(f: Int => Int,a: Int, b: Int ): Int ={
      if (a > b) 0 else f(a) + sum(f,a+1,b)

    val p = chooseFunction(2)


Next time please copy the code snippet rather than screen shot, it would be easy for the people to replicate your issue soon. Thanks!

@ashok_singamaneni Thank you Ashok.
I take your suggestion :thumbsup:

@prasanthiImmadisetty Thanks, also if the above answer helped you, please make it as answer!