In required skills for CCA175 certification, what kind of "Configuration" we are referring to?

In required skills for CCA175 certification, we have:

Data Ingest
Transform, Stage, and Store
Data Analysis

where it is mentioned (for Configuration): This is a practical exam and the candidate should be familiar with all aspects of generating a result, not just writing code.

Can someone please explain me in brief,
What kind of configuration we have to do in examination?
Is there a separate question related to Configuration?

I have the same question. Thank you for asking this.
I could not find configuration related topics covered in certification playlist…Any pointers to a video or documentation will be highly appreciated.

Kindly ref to below link

Also kindly go through the videos no 37-40 from below playlist. Where Durga sir explained in detail.

Big Data Workshop - live training - 2017 January: