Incomplete video on Hadoop Admin on VM's Lab. Video No#22

Hello Durga Sir,

Sir, I discussed with you today morning on an incomplete video in Hadoop Admin on VM’s. I am trying to follow your amazing videos on Hadoop administration on VM’s. I am stuck up on video number 22, where we are setting up yum repository for CDH. Actual video time is about 29:00 min, but uploaded video is 16:25 min. Below is video URL

Can you please help me with the entire video to resume from there…


Do not put your personal email ids and phone numbers. I will delete those.

You can continue with further videos and let me know if there is any issue.

Thanks for your quick reply Sir,
Then Can I skip this Lab 22 completely and directly start with Lab 23 which is “Virtual Machines - CDH5 - Setup Yum repository for cloudera manager”. Please guide me …Thanks

Yes, give a try if you still have issues, I will try provide remedy.

Can I install directly CDH & Cloudera Manager by wget the cloudera-installer.bin from web, instead of creating a yum reporsitory ?

Yes, you can. But it is not good practice on job as it will saturate bandwidth of the company.

Hello Sir, I was able to create yum repository, but when instaling cloudera manager I am getting following error in the log file…

#cat 1.install-oracle-j2sdk1.7.log
Retrieving key from
GPG key retrieval failed: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - “The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found”

I am unable to proceed with installation. Please suggest…

Can you paste your directory structure where repose are setup?

In the Hadoop administration videos on vm’s
i am not able to understand the video from the mid when it starts showing set_cluster and so on
as u show ur system directory where you have hadoop administration folder but in mine i dont have it and hence forth,i havent followed the video.

Please help in this regards as i am struck there and not able to move forward since three days.
I have posted same in this site in other occassion but havent received any response from you .Please help.

Which video you are talking about?

@itversity 26th video in Administration - Hadoop - Cloudera Hadoop on VMs
in the mid you change lot of scripts and i tried to perform the same operation you did in the video by adding all the scripts as mentioned including placing the parallel-ssh in the same folder and now when i tried running the same script ,you did , by starting all the nodes,it didnt work and thrown errors as in the screenshot.Please see and help!!!

@itversity and also sir, having said about above query ,i m slowly trying to sought out,now i run . ~/.profile,as i felt from your video may be is should run it here once again as i copied the file to this directory,but i get the below screenshot…!and what is “Exited with error code 1” pl help …Thank you!!!

@itversity Hello Sir,

Could you please provide help for the above query .


You can go to the nodes where script is failing. There will be log file over there. You have to look into those logs to figure out actual issues.


Which log file do you want me to check sir,
secondly,instead of running the script from cygwin on all nodes at a time ,can i run it separately on that node.
and as per earlier question,
i am not able to install cdm,it gives below errors in screenshots

Hi @vjbhasker9.

Please paste here the content of below directory


Regarding the scripts, the log file will be on your nodes under /root like below

-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 376 Jan 31 21:00 prepareNode.log

And yes, you can manually copy the script “” on all nodes and run manually as well instead of using parallel ssh. pssh is only to provide ease in running same commands/scripts on all nodes at once, hence reducing the repetition.

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