Incorrect schema for HIVE, CCA-175

Hello @itversity

Thanks for the CCA Playlist.

I took the exam day before yesterday, exam is still in the old format.
2Sqoop, 3 Hive, 2 Scala, 2 Python, 1 Avro.

I got 6 of 10.

For all the 3 question in hive I got the comment saying Incorrect schema

I create the table based on the requirement, I did a select count(*) to the table & select couple of documents to see the data.

Even for the question related to hive partitioning, I verified the data after creating the table.

I don’t know what went wrong.

Can someone share your experience if they got these kind of comment in CCA-175 exam, it might be useful for the future aspirants

Sad to know this. I think, they might have asked you to create table in a particular database schema and you might have created table in the default schema. Sometimes they might ask you to create table in a particular database schema, you have to create that database first and then create tables in them. Hopefully this helps.

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