Information on Hive Autofill feature

  1. Is there any Hive Autofill feature available in the hive shell?
    something like that is present in Scala shell on clicking org. and on clicking tab then it recommends the list of other options which we can use using Autofill
    If there is anything like that in hive? How we can enable it?
    Why I am asking this is there are input,output,serde formats available in Hive and I want to autofill them.

  2. From where we can get the list of input,output and serde formats available directly from cloudera distribution.
    I mean where are the different input/output/serde format? Is there anyway to see them without going to documentation?


Not sure you are talking about bigdata lab (or) in general…

If it is in general and if have Hue then “for time being” you can use Hue for auto fill

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