Input path error

Though a file exists in HDFS, I am getting an input path error in Spark

@suchintakp5 - By looking at screen print your file present in local NOT in HDFS try with /home/suchintakp5/error_log.txt

@gnanaprakasam I am not getting you

First check you have error_log.txt in HDFS using below command (ls will list the file under /home/suchintakp5 only)
hadoop fs -ls /user/suchintakp5

Copy the data from local to HDFS using
hadoop fs -put /home/suchintakp5/error_log.txt /user/suchintakp5/error_log.txt


@suchintakp5 - If the above input resolves the issue then could you please close this ?

Your input file is not in hdfs.move it to your hdfs and try