Interview Questions 1

Below Interview questions from UHG
1) Hive have external table. if you alter the location, what is true?
a. Will copy data data automatically to new location
b. Manually copy the data
Ans is 2 and I verified.
2) Hive bee line using
d) None of the above.
Ans) c. But I gave unknowingly right ans(Even don’t know what is beeline) But later came
to know bee line is hive client to connect hive server and introduced in hive 2.
Its support multi client to access and kerbos security.

  3) HBASE come UNDER CAPS theorem 
       a) CP
       b) CA
       c) AP
      Ans) a. I know the answer But I don't know crispy answer of that. Can any one give crispy answer with some real time scenario.  I read one CAPS article very long back with real time scenario using flipkart and others sites, but not able getting now.      
  4) Is this possible to do relational join by key in mapreduce with 2 big files which contain comma seperated.
        a) YES
        b) NO
        c) Only can do Pig and hive.
         Ans ) I selected (a) and written besides of answer like "I done join in Hive and pig with two diff data set which running top of mapreduce. So definitely mapreduce can do".  Can anybody know how to do that.

I will post some other question after recollect from my mind.
Suresh Selvaraj