Introduction - CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer – Curriculum(Old syllabus)


  • CCA 175 – Introduction
  • Learning Objectives
  • Spark Introduction
  • Preparation plan
  • Resources

CCA 175 Introduction

  • Certification is conducted by Cloudera
  • It requires skills with respect to Sqoop, Spark, SQL/Hive
  • Scenario-based
  • Sqoop is command-oriented and one need to have good
    understanding about sqoop commands
  • For Spark, Programming skills are required – Either Python or Scala
  • SQL skill is required
  • It is not mandatory to provide the solution with one approach over
  • Cloudera does not see your code, they only evaluate results

Learning Objectives

Spark Introduction

  • Spark is nothing but distributed processing engine
  • It provides a bunch of APIs to facilitate distributed computing
  • We need to use a programming language such as Scala or Python to
    crack CCA 175 certification
  • Spark also has high-level modules (eg: Spark SQL and Data
    Frames, MLLib etc)
  • For the certification, one should be able to understand Spark core
    API as well as Spark SQL and Data Frames with some basic
    understanding of Spark Streaming
  • Majority of the questions from CCA 175 can be answered using
    Spark and programming languages such as Scala or Python

Preparation Plan

  • Understand basic HDFS commands
  • Learn how to move data between relational databases and HDFS
    using Sqoop
  • Choose a programming language (Python or Scala)
    • Be comfortable with functions, lambda functions
    • Collections
    • Data Frames (Pandas in Python)
  • Refresh SQL skills (preferably using Hive)
  • Develop Spark based applications using Core APIs
    • Actions
    • Transformations
  • Integrate Spark SQL and Data Frames to Spark based applications
  • Make sure you understand Spark Streaming in tandem with Flume
    and Kafka


  • Cloudera Quickstart VM
    • Free
    • Requires high-end laptop (16 GB RAM, Quad-Core)
    • Might run into issues with respect to limited resources
  • Big Data labs from itversity –
    • 14.95$ for 31 days
    • 34.95$ for 93 days
    • 54.95$ for 185 days
    • Economical
    • Support using
    • Multi-node cluster
    • Ability to access from anywhere
    • Pre-built datasets
    • Simulates the certification environment