Is the Gateway Node gw01 part of HDP cluster

The gateway node which we connect to “”, Is it part of the Hadoop Cluster or is it just a bridge between the HDP cluster and the external world (my laptop).

I have heard that there can be instances there the gateway node is also part of the Hadoop Cluster and is part of HDFS and Yarn.

Want to know whats the scenario in this case and how do I find it, just out of Curiosity.


@itversity, I see that nn01 is the name node, nn02 is the secondary name node, wn01,wn02,wn03 are the data nodes in the cluster. Can you confirm if gw01 is a part of the cluster and if process execution takes place on the gateway node?

Gateway node is part of cluster. You can submit jobs from that node, but no daemon processes related to HDFS, Map Reduce, Spark will be running on that node.

Here is the video for more details -

Thank you Durga Sir for taking time to reply me.