Learning Spark newly

Hello friends, I am a freshly graduated student, I am learning Hadoop environment from a few weeks now. So as far as I noticed, Hive, Sqoop and Spark are the most sought after skills to have. I have started learning Hive and Sqoop since a couple of weeks.

Now, should I learn Spark with Python or Scala? I wont know either Scala or Python and I’m kind of stuck…

Please feel free to provide your opinions and views. Thanks in advance!

Hi RNG7,

If your purpose is to learn big data technologies and able to code enterprise level projects using spark then any language will do; for that matter even Java will also work as Spark provides support for Java, scala & python.

If your purpose is to give CCA175 cloudera examination and other certificates then you should be familiar with python & scala as based on exam format, you may get questions based on scala or python.

Now it is changed little bit. People can use one programming language to answer all the questions. But they might have to write complete programs.

I will recommend you to follow this latest playlist which covers Scala and Spark. That should be enough to clear the certification. It is course in progress and all content will be available with in 2 more weeks.


Thanks a lot @itversity and @nzaveri.

I don’t intend to give any certifications now. I’m newly graduated and was looking for a career oriented approach.

Since most job roles and resumes have Hive, Sqoop and Spark, I’m learning them.

On similar lines, I found Scala to be faster and efficient, but Python being easier to learn for beginners. And many people told me to learn both. So I was wondering, which would be better to start with?

Thanks in advance. Anymore suggestions are greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


It is not easy cake walk for freshers to secure job in Hadoop. Make clear road map of your career.
If you need to get an job in Hadoop, moreover you are fresher. It is suggestible to be certified, it increases the probability of getting hired. Because most of the organizations are expecting basic and verified knowledge. Now-a-days even for experienced people it is hard to crack hadoop calls.

Frankly speaking this is not right approach for jobs. First decide what you want to become, then go ahead. Don’t go behind trending tech, they will lead you into a confusing path on cross roads.

One question @itversity. Does it mean that they won’t be providing any code template and all scala/python questions need to be answered by writing from scratch?

I still need to check the playlist you’ve suggested so please ignore this question if its answered in your playlist.

@nzaveri i think you are confused with subject line discussion of this post.
If you are talking about CCA175, Please practice to write code from scratch. Times changing you might get questions in any pattern, i.e. with/without templates.

Yes, I want to be a hadoop developer! Can you guide me on that?

I have currently taken up an onlline training on a course called : Big Data with Hadoop & Spark.
It has just started.

Could you tell me anything I need to know…

My background: Bachelor’s in Computer Science and engineering.
Masters in Information Systems.
So I know the OOPs and other programming concepts. With a good understanding of databases too.

Thanks a lot!

You can just proceed with the course you have subscribed and keep following itveristy content. Your background is quite suitable for Hadoop developer. All the best!!