Login Failed | Accessing Console

Why it is showing login incorrect…
I have tried n number of times.

Please help me.

Hi Durga sir

I am trying to login to the console using the
its always giving “Login incorrect”

But using the copy password, I am able to login to Ambari, its not getting login to console.

I working on Windows and i have tried using Chrome/Firefox.

Please suggest how to solve the issue ?

Thanks !

Paste password is not working in Safari. It is tested in chrome and firefox. Let us know which browser you guys are using.

Hello Durga,

Even i am facing the same problem.

I have tried to login with my id and password. it is giving login incorrect.

My id : raakeshkantha

password : i have copied from copy password option.



May we know what browser you are using? As advised above Paste option is not working on safari .

Hi Rakesh,

Have you done the ctrl + v on web console. Because for pasting right click like putty won’t work over here.
Initially I have also the same problem.
So, do the ctrl + c and ctrl + v . Hope it will help you .

i am able to login now with ctrl + V option.

Thanks Mohit.

Can we run Hadoop Admin Commands. it is saying i don’t have privileges.

Please attache the screen shot for the same…

Please find the attachment.

Rakesh …

Please give the command which have you fired on it.
Command is not reflecting on ur screenshot.

@Rakesh_Kantha, the lab is for developers. Admin commands cannot be submitted :slight_smile:

hdfs dfsadmin -report

Hey Vinay,

Suppose I want to play with kerbros, ACL, etc. Will I get a chance to play around it on this lab.

Thanks in Advance.

I am interested in Hadoop Administration so i was looking for it.

hdfs dfsadmin command will not be available. No administration. I might give admin access to some of the moderators once lab is launched officially (in December).

For general public, it will not be available.

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No Mohit, it will not be possible. For administrators, we will come up with a lab after developer one is stabilized. But it will be lot more expensive (some thing like 150$ per month, where a dedicated 32 GB virtual machine will be provided)

Durga Sir …

Please give me moderator tag ;):sunglasses:
By getting moderator, I will play safely and make your zone stronger :yum:

Sure Mohit. I will do. Send an email to training@itversity.com with “moderator” as subject

is it possible to provide moderator access. I will work safely.

Please send email to training@itversity.com with “moderator” as subject. I will talk to you before making the final decision.