Login issue in Labs through Putty

I am also unable to join bigdata labs from long long time.I am use through my Mac & Web console but I am unable to use through putty in windows laptop. it just say Access Denied every time.

Apply Mac SSH working
Web Borwser Console working.
Putty Windows Laptop : Giving Access Denied error.

What is the command you are using to paste? You need to use shift+insert not ctrl+v to paste in windows.

Thanks for responding. I tried all options… not sure what is going wrong. I actually typed in that complex password as well with Case Sensitive but still it shows me access denied. but as I mentioned this is not he problem when I try to connect through Mac or Web browser. From all other place it is working perfectly fine.

Ok, it should work with shift+insert. If not try mobaxterm or cygwin.

Way to go!!! I liked mobaxterm interface. lot more friendly and main thing it is working on that. Thanks for you help.